September 27, 2004

Top rated "Frugal Cigars":

Some of the best deals on cigars are called "seconds" because of some defect, usually something cosmetic. They use the exact same tobacco blends as the originals, but since they have been inspected and labeled as a "second", they are put aside. When enough of these seconds are accumulated, the manufacturer sells them at a much discounted price. We frugal cigar smokers reap the benefits!

Some people look down their pointed noses at anyone who wants to get a good cigar at a great price. I know plenty of them; so do you. But, if you're looking for a top notch cigar at a resonable price, following are my top pics (at this point in time):
1. Consuegra; a second of some top brand names, such as Hoyo de Monterey, Belinda, El Rey del Mundo, Punch, and JR Ultimates. Around $33 a bundle or less.
2. Old Fashioned; another second that can be from the Macanudo line or Hoyo de Monterey line. These are very good and always at a great price. Around $22 a bundle or less.
3. The Brick by Torano; Torano makes great cigars, but this is a square pressed version that is a monster! Just my size! I've bought the 7"x56 version and these Nicaraguan's are great! You can pick them up for about $40 for a bundle of 25. Note: These are NOT seconds, just a great deal!
4. Flor de Oliva; These are top shelf Nicaraguans! Oliva makes a wide variety of cigars, including their famous Original Blend, Corojo wrapper, Maduro Wrapper, the "Gold", and high end cigars. The Original Blend can be had for about $25 for a bundle of 25! Great deal! The Gold is a beautiful Connecticut wrapper and is slightly higher; about $33 a bundle. These are a "must try" as well as a "must have" cigar! Rocky's Cigars has these at great prices!
5. JR Alternatives; These are a great way to get a lot of cigar for "not a lot of money". JR offers alternatives to almost every major cigar brand on the market. Now, don't expect these cigars to taste exactly like the originals, but they do taste similar. The construction of these cigars is first rate! The appearance of them is equally good. Since I tend to go for the larger ring cigars, I've had experience with some of the 7.25x54 sizes; like Hoya de Monterey Excalibur, Bolivar Corona Grande (Cuban alternative) and Ultimate. With the exception of the Cuban Alternatives, I buy maduro wrappers. I first started smoking maduro wrapper cigars about a year ago. I love 'em! The Cuban Alternatives do not offer any maduro wrappers. The Cuban Alternatives are quite spicey, much like their original Cuban originals. These cigars, in the sizes I've listed, are available for about $25 a bundle or less! They're a great deal. Check out JR's site and go to Alternatives to see the full line.
This will get you started; more to come later!
Now; where can I get a good deal on these cigars? Try these sites:
I've used all these sites and they're great! Check all of them for their weekly specials. Be sure to sign up for email notification of weekly deals!


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