September 28, 2004

What are "good cigars"?

Ok, let me just say that while I am a frugal cigar smoker, I do enjoy quality smokes. My cigar of choice in "good cigars" are Montecristo's. I usually buy them when they're offered in samplers at a good price. I also like the 5 packs that JR has. Now, I don't work for JR's, but I am a proponent of theirs! They have never let me down. And their $2 shipping cost is great! You can get some very good cigars in their 5 packs, and it won't break the bank. Check out their selection!

Mike's Cigars also has quite a selection of house brands. They have some big name manufacturers making cigars for them. If you get on their mailing list, you'll get their catalog and you can try some of them. One of their new cigars that's pretty good is the La Caoba Extra. It's a Nicaraguan Puro that's got lots of spice! It's a good cigar! Not too expensive either. Try them in a sampler. 8 cigars, all different sizes for about $12.

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