October 28, 2004

Cigar Bid is Evil!!!!!

Just kidding! But...it's addictive as heck!

What's it been; 2 weeks or so since I first reported that I "tried" them? Well, since then, I've ordered/won 26, yes that's 26 five-packs!!! For the mathematically challenged, that's 130 first rate cigars!!!!! Some of the brands I picked up are Cuban Parejo, Hoyo de Monterrey, Flor de Oliva Cameroon, Don Juan, Camacho, CAO L'Anniversairo, and H. Upmann!

The average stick cost, after shipping, is only $2.41!!!! Not bad! First rate cigars for under $2.50 each! I can live with that.

This is a nice "haul", so I'll try (TRY) to stay away from their site for awhile. But...

I'll be back!!!!

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