October 18, 2004

CigarBid shipment; a follow up post

I am happy to report that CigarBid was very prompt in their shipment! I inspected the cigars and found them to be in great shape! I've heard that some other cigar lovers had a few bad experiences with the condition of the cigars when they received them. I found no such problems! As a matter of fact, I won a second bid lot! I received those cigars 2 days later and again, no problems!

In my opinion, CBid is a class place to deal with.

They started shipping their cigars using DHL instead of UPS. They arrived quickly and I had absolutely no problems with them. The change appears to be a good one.

It's nice to find another good option to cigar buying. I can highly recommend CBid.

Be careful though! CBid can be habit forming!!!

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