October 04, 2004

SC Sit Down Smoke; Great Time!!!!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

Well, I got to the Wild Hare at noon and spotted the round table where I wanted the group to sit. Looking around the room, there were only 2 or 3 others in the bar. It was a little early, even with the usual football crowds that were expected. In the adjacent room, I noticed one guy sitting by himself. I strolled over and "low and behold", it was StogiesAndHoagies! Well, we quickly moved over to the round table. With a small group that was expected, the round table made a good choice.

Shortly after we sat down, I received a call from Rebel John, who was driving down from Raleigh, North Carolina! Quite a drive; 3 1/2 hours! He arrived about 15 minutes later. Outfield Jack, the only other local boy, showed up shortly after, closely followed by SmallTownSmoker, who drove in from Manning, South Carolina. Greetings and cigars were exchanged, and drinks ordered. The corner quickly filled with the smell of good cigars! Good food and good cigars were the rule of the afternoon.

Tiny Woman made here "grand appearance" about 1:00! I guess she wanted to make an impression; she did! She was the lone female in a sea of cigars and testosterone! She didn't seem to mind.

An old friend from North Carolina, Casey, called from around Spartanburg, SC to tell me he was in route! That was great, as I have not seen Casey in several months. He's my original Habano's contact! He arrived in "under the expected hour and a half drive!"

As the afternoon wore on, I asked if anyone wanted to visit the local cigar store, etc. Everyone brought plenty of cigars, so that wasn't a problem. StogiesAndHoagies, however, want some "Expresso"! So, I being the gracious host, told him that I knew of a place he could get some. So...off we went! Well, the place I took him to was "out of business"! Oops! I quickly went to plan "B". We found his "Expresso" at a book store. During the ride over, I received a call from wacco, who was in Martha's Vineyard having lobster and steamed crabs! Tough life! He was there with SmoothSeoulChic, SMScoles, and BostnBill. Of course, the phone was passed around.

We also talked to JJ, Rick from Dallas and Pope Crisco.

We disbanned our little gathering around 9pm. What a day! It was great to get together with these fine folks. I certainly hope this becomes a regular event!

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