October 12, 2004

Tiny Tim discovers a new toy: Cigarbid.com

Well, I waded into the cigar bidding waters last Saturday night! It was more of a whim than anything else, but I found myself checking out the 5-packs. I noticed that there were several that I was interested in. So, since I found 4 or 5 that I would not mind winning, I began bidding. See, with one lot won you pay $3.95 in shipping, but with every additional lot won (on the same day) you only pay an additional $0.50 per item. Obviously it's better to win more than one lot; makes the shipping cheaper overall!

Since I bid only on items that would end that same day, I awoke Sunday morning to check out how I did. Wow! I won 6 5-packs! 30 very good/decent cigars! And, with shipping, it was only $76.45! That's an average of 2.54 apiece! Here's the cigars I won:

The only "questionable" buy is the Warhol by Felipe Gregorio, but since I got them for only $5, I'm not too worried!

I find myself "watching" the daily bids now! I've heard this CigarBid thing can be very addictive, and I'm beginning to be a believer!

They also have boxes you can bid on, but I like variety, so, for now I'll stick with the 5-packs.

FYI, CigarBid.com is part of Cigars International, a very reputable company that I've used over the years.

Check it out! You might find a new toy too!

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