October 27, 2004

Tiny Tim meets Big Tom!!!

The infamous Big Tom made a stop in the Palmetto State this week, and the equally infamous Tiny Tim met up with him! The site: Charleston, SC! Any time is a good time to be in Charleston, so when Tom said he'd be there and asked if I wanted to come down, I jumped at the chance!

Oh, and get this; it's HIS birthday and he brought ME presents! Go figure!After the usual exchange of greetings, he produces a bottle Eagle Rare 10 year old Bourbon from his bag! Wow! What a surprise! Then, he grabs a Cuban Partagas from his mini-humidor and hands it to me! Woo-hoo!!!!I recipricate with a Monte no. 2 and a Bolivar Corona Grande. Immediately after we had lunch, the Monte no. 2 was lit!!!

Below are a few pics from the day...

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