February 25, 2005

I'm starting to feel old; Part uno!

Man! Reality is a hard thing sometimes. This week, on February 23rd, my youngest, Chelsea, turned 18!!! 18? Are you kidding? How is this possible? She finishes high school this year and then it's off to the University of South Carolina school of Nursing! Yes, time flies!

Connie and I are extremely proud of her and the things she's accomplished. She was a great cheerleader for Irmo High School. She has actually loved cheerleading since she was barely old enough to walk. We've got video of her when she was barely 2, shaking her "pom-poms on a stick" in the front yard while brother Ty played baseball. (At the time, he being all of 5!)

Chelsea was also the first winner of the Teen Miss Greater Irmo Pageant. In 2003 she represented Irmo well in the Miss Teen South Carolina Pageant, making the Top 10 and winning several awards while there. One of the prizes she won was an all expense paid trip to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City! Her grandmother Diane, Connie's mom, went along with her on this trip. Diane was a huge help with Chelsea's preparation for the Miss Teen South Carolina Pageant. As you can expect, they had a ball!

You're old enough to vote now, Chelsea, but as far as my vote goes, you're the best daughter I could have ever hoped for!


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