April 15, 2005


It's official; I now have 4 cigar companies who are donating cigars and merchandise for the SC Sit Down!!!! How great is that?????

I've heard from J.R. Cigars, arguably the biggest player in mail order cigars.

Also, Mike's Cigars in Florida is donating. I've done a fair amount of business with both JR's and Mike's over the years!

And, a fellow cigar lover and owner of Cigar.com cigar company, Thor, a.k.a Cigarsmoka, has offered to donate cigars also! Cool!!! I've participated in one of Thor's Box Passes; the guy can pack some great smokes in a box pass!!!

Today I heard from another member of Cigar Aficianado's Cigar chat site who goes by the screen name Pmagus! He is donating several boxes too!!!

I'm not sure what all we'll wind up with, but beggers can't be choosers!!! Whatever the send will be greatly appreciated!!!

Everyone who attends will get free stuff! (as long as it lasts!)

If you're attending, you'll love the Wild Hare Sports Bar; they have great food at reasonable prices. Any type of drink you need, too!

Drop me a line if you plan to attend. I want to let the cigar companies know how many people plan to be there!

See ya May 14th!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I just started my own cigar blog site: http://jabascigars.blogspot.com/

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