July 18, 2005

South Carolina invades North Carolina!!!

Well, sorta! A fellow cigar lover from Greenwood, SC; Cheeze, is visiting his folks who live fairly close to me. They're in Lexington, SC. There is also a 1 year anniversary party at a cigar shop in Charlotte, NC on Saturday. Cheeze asked me if I wanted to drive up with him for the event! He didn't need to ask me twice! So, up I-77 we go!

The Red Neck Bastids (RNB) and guys and gals at Paradise Cigars were extremely nice!!! A great bunch! RNB is a cigar posting board that is comprised mainly of Charlotte area guys and gals. Many people from SC post on the board also. They had bar-b-qed some pork and turkey, and had all the fixin's too! It appeared to be about 60 people in and around the cigar shop! They also had a celebrity of the cigar industry; Don Kiki himself was in attendance! I had the opportunity to talke to him and ask him numerous cigar growing/harvesting/making questions. He was very informative, to say the least!

As most big cigar events go, there were raffles and drawings! I walked away with a 3 finger leather cigar case! Cool!!! Cheeze came away with the big prize, an humidor full of Don Kiki cigars, autographed by "the man himself"! The humidor was a "75 capacity" size humidor and Cheeze doesn't even have to worry about how to fill it up!!!

Several of the RNB's told me that they plan to attend the next SC Sit Down in October. I look forward to seeing them again.

I had a great time! Thanks again, guys!!!

A few pics from the event:

Me, Ernie and Cheeze!

Enjoying fine cooking by the RNB gang!

Chatting with Don Kiki in an obviously smoke filled room!!!

Don Kiki, Cheeze (big winner!!!!) and Nate, owner of Paradise Cigars!

Accepting my "winnings"; a 3 finger leather cigar case!!!

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