August 15, 2005

Mini-Sit Down at the Wild Hare...or...North Carolina invades South Carolina?

Well, I get a message from Jim (Alchemist) of the RNB Board saying he'll be in town on August 13th for a car show. He's a Corvette man, and he and his wife both have "show" Corvettes! Well, this sounds like a great excuse to get together at the Wild Hare for cigars after the show!!!

We put out the word to the other RNB's (Red Neck Bastids) and low and behold, we have a nice crowd to drive down from the Charlotte area to be with us! We even had Terry (Tel) drive up from Charleston! Mark (Cheeze) and Mrs. Cheeze made the drive over from Greenwood!

Thanks to everyone who came over!!!!

I'll expect everyone who was at this "Mini-Sit Down" to be at the "Full blown" Sit Down on October 15th!!!

Here's some pics from the Sit Down on August 13th...

Bunch of nuts (no pun intended) at the car show!

I think he likes me!

The "Skeegar" with his classic smile...and Chris!

Ernie, Jim, and Terry

Ernie makes his move on Jim's wife wife...behind his back!!! (literally)

He's looking sorta relaxed, don't ya think???

Scott smoked a lot...

...and ate a little!

Outfield Jack (Jack Porter)

Chris, AKA the "kid"!

Looks like the sun and beer have taken their toll!

Tim, Jim, and Mark

Mr. and Mrs. Cheeze!!!

Doublin' up!

...and a good time was had by all!!!

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