August 29, 2005

Paradise Cigars get-together; 8/27/05

These guys have something going on all the time. The RNB board has herfs, AKA Sit Downs, almost every week!!! Since I've been to Paradise Cigars once before I decided to drive up for this past weekend's get together!

I really enjoy the company of these guys and gals. They're very friendly and laid back, but every cigar smoker I've ever met was the same way! That's what's so appealing about cigar smoking!

I even managed to drag the "ol' ball and chain" up there with me! Yes, the wife-ee-poo, Connie, made the drive up with me, as well as a long time buddy Jim Massengale. We arrived around 2 pm or so and stayed until a little after 8 pm. Since we had that 1 1/2 hour drive looking at us, we decided to head home before it got too late.

Here's a few pics from the days activities!

Gathered around the boob tube...eating and smoking!

The "little woman" and yours truely!

Here Alchemist, this is a good one...I promise!

Ernie, Jerry, and Tiny Tim

Thanks to all the Paradise Cigars gang for a wonderful day!

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