September 27, 2005


Woo Hoo! We're 2 weeks away from the next SC Sit Down!!! This will be Number 3!!!!! The first one was held last October and we had a whopping 8 people in attendance. It was a ton-of-fun, eventhough the crowd was a little small. But, this was the first time we'd tried this.

The second one, which was held this past May had a better attendance. That Sit Down had 22 people in attendance! Nice increase, hunh?

This Sit Down will be our biggest by far. With my new friends at Paradise Cigars in Charlotte, and with at least 2 people flying in from Michigan and Massachusetts, this Sit Down should exceed 50 people!!!! I would not be surprised to see 60 people in attendance!!!

Also, so far I have several vendors/contributors that have sent/promised cigars and items for the Sit Down. The list at this point is J.R. Cigars,,, Pinar, Paradise Cigars in Charlotte, NC, and a bundle of the new cigar by Rocky Patel; REO, was donated by Skeegar (Mark) of the RNB Board! That's 6 contributors!!!!I'm hoping for more vendors to get on board, but this is a nice list so far!

Everyone is welcome! Remember the date; October 15th at the Wild Hare Sports Bar in Irmo, SC.

See you there!!!

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