October 19, 2005

Report from SC Sit Down No. 3!

Part 1
Fantastic! That's all I can say about the Sit Down; fantastic! We had 28 people there from all over the eastern half of the country! Wacco flew in from Boston, and Bigdaddyopus flew in from Detroit! Rebel John and his wife drove down from Raleigh and Wolfman drove up from Florida. We even had Pope Crisco drive over from Atlanta.

All of the original Sit Down bunch were here, except for Casey. We had Stogiesandhoagies, Smalltownsmoker, Outfield Jack, Rebel John, Connie and I!

We got started earlier this year. The "pre" Sit Down started shortly after I picked up wacco and bigdaddyopus from the airport around noon. After a short tour of downtown Columbia I took them back to my house to get settled in. Since they were flying in for the event, I decided they should stay with Connie and I for the weekend. Around 5:30 we were joined at the house by Stogiesandhoagies. Jim Massengale showed up a little later and we had our first cigar of the night! Many more were to follow! Around 6:15 we left out and headed for Shealy's Bar-B-Q in Leesville, SC. They have some of the best southern cooking anywhere!!!! One of Bigdaddyopus's requests of me was to take him to a good southern cooking place! Well folks, it don't get any better than Shealy's!!!!

Shortly after getting our fill at Shealy's, we headed back to my house to sit outside on the cigar patio, around the chiminea, and smoke 'em up! At one point in the evening, I decided it was time for the annual "burning of the butts"! I accumulate a bunch of cigar butts over the spring and summer from all the yard work, and I toss them in the chiminea! It was getting pretty full, so I set them ablaze for all to see!

Bourbon was flowing freely, along with a little rum, while the smell of fine cigars filled the air. Rebel John and his wife, Phyllis, joined us shortly after we returned to the house. We had a nice mini-pre-Sit Down going!

It was getting late, and we knew we had a big day tomorrow, so we all called it a night around 11 or so.

Here's the pics from the Friday night get together:

Stogiesandhoagies (Charlie)

Pre-Shealy's smoke.

(L-R) Charlie (S&H), Me (Tiny Tim), Bill (Wacco), Rob (BDO), Jim Massengale

Part 2 to follow...

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