January 09, 2006

Report from Cigar Mecca!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7th was quite a milestone in the cigar life of Tiny Tim! I infiltrated the domain of JR Cigars in Statesville, NC!!! What a BIG-FRIGGIN HUMIDOR!!!! It was WAY-cool going to that place! I didn't even look through the "store" part of JR's; I (we) only had the cigar store as our target!

Upon entering the cigar store, you notice that there are a LOT of cigars in there, all in alphabetical order for the most part, and cigar deals everywhere! Since the whole store is a humidor, they have a misting unit close to the ceiling that goes off every so often to emit humidity into the room! It sounded a lot like a steam machine! I had a list of what I was after, so as not to get caught up in the whole "there's cigars everywhere!!!" thing! I quickly found what I was after; Ultimate No. 1 in oscuro, Partagas Black Magnifico, and La Escepcion's. The prices on singles was very good, so I picked up 14 or so of those too!

While you're in JR's, you can have a cigar, but you HAVE to stay in the cigar shop to smoke it. They have a lounge area that has free coffee, so after our purchases we sat there for an hour or so before heading down to Charlotte for a cigar event at Paradise Cigars!

I only got 2 pics; here is the entrance to the cigar store in JR's:
Officially, NO pictures are allowed to be taken in JR's, but the manager allowed us to take one in the lounge!From L-R; Me!, Cheeze, Jim, and Robby
I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to JR's; I'll be back!

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