January 09, 2006

Sad day in Paradise!

Unfortunately, after my trip to JR's on Saturday, I had to attend the last cigar event to be held at Paradise Cigars in Charlotte, NC. The store is closing on January 12th. I've been to several events that have been held at this cigar shop and I will miss going there alot! I've made some good friends attending events there. I hope I can see them again at a new location to gather for cigars in the Charlotte area! Many of them attend the SC Sit Down Smokes, so I know I'll see them there!

Ernie and me!

Jim (Alchemist) and Rose:

Chef Ed! (great chili maker!)

Nate, being "Nate":


Me with "the Indian":

Skeegar being...Skeegar!:

Obviously, Nate's store will be missed!:

Thanks for the great time at Paradise Cigars, Nate! If you ever get the hankerin' to open Paradise II, we'll be there!!!!!

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