May 15, 2006

Big Tom make a quick stop by the office

Big Tom, from Virginia, made a quick stop by the office on Friday, May 12th. He had been in Summerville, SC all week. Summerville is about 10 miles from Charleston. I had set up with Tom to meet him on Thursday, May 11th around 10 and spend the day at the local cigar shop, etc. He called me late Wednesday and said he would have to be out all day (working), so we would not be able to meet up. I met Tom previously on another work visit back in the fall of 2004. Since we couldn't meet up Wednesday, he says that he'll drop by the office on his way home Friday. Well, he did! In typical Big Tom fashion, he arrives with both hands full. In one hand is a bottle of Horton Vineyards Vintage Port, a port made in Orange County, Virginia. In the other hand is a zip lock bag with 2 Monty 2's in it! Nice! He couldn't stay long because he still has about a 6 hour ride ahead of him. Before he left I managed to get a pic of him with Connie and I.

Thanks Big Tom!!!!

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