June 12, 2006

Torano event; 6/10/06

I was fortunate to meet Raul Rico and Felipe Sosa of Torano on Saturday. Raul, who goes by "Rico", is the sales rep for the east coast and Felipe is a roller who travels around to the events to roll fresh cigars! The cigars he rolled saturday were the Casa Torano's. He rolled mostly churchills.

The cigar shop holding the event, The Tobacco Merchant in Irmo, SC, was running a special where if you bought 3 of any Torano cigars you got the 4th one free, even a fresh rolled one! Pretty cool deal! They also had give away raffles, and I was lucky enough to win 5 cigars with 2 of them being the fresh rolled ones! Of course, this was after I had already bought 12 other ones!

Torano makes great cigars, no doubt about that, but I learned quite a bit about who they make cigars for! I learned that Torano makes cigars for CAO and Gurkha, also! Wow! I really like the Brazilia's that CAO sells and the Doble Maduro's that Gurkha sells, and they're both made by Torano! The new Torano Exodus and Virtuoso are two of my favorites, and they have similar flavor profiles to the Brazilia's and Doble Maduro's, and now I find out they're made by Torano! Cool!The shop should have done well with this promotion. I watched ALOT of people come and go all day. Most stayed around for the raffles.

Here's a few pics from the day:

Mark Lewis, me, Rico, Jack Porter:

Felipe Sosa, roller for Torano:

Felipe, me, and Rico:

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