July 31, 2006

30th High School Reunion! Class of 1976!

Wow! It's been 30 years since trod the halls of Chapin High School! I suppose it seems that long, too! We had our class reunion on Saturday night and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in many years! To my surprise, many of them hadn't changed "that much"! Our graduating class was small; very small. I think we had around 80 people in it. I estimate that around 35 or so were there Saturday night with their spouses. It was great seeing my classmates again. One classmate; Laura, now lives in France and flew in for the event! Wow! That's commitment!

Can you find me????

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JRob said...

After 30 years I couldn't even find myself it that...it is a bit on the small side.
All kidding aside, it was great to see us all together again. Just sorry some were unable to make it.
J Rob