September 18, 2006

Cancun vacation and a trip to the LCDH!!!!

I hated to come back! Cancun was great! The Moon Palace is absolutely beautiful! It is a small town unto itself! I highly recommend it to anyone considering traveling to Cancun. There are 9 restaurants on 3 separate sites on the property and all are fantastic! The service was top notch.Now, regarding the LCDH. We arrived at the Moon Palace on Tuesday around 12:30 pm local time. Our room was not going to be ready until around 2 or 3, so this was the perfect time to travel downtown to the LCDH and stock up for the week. The MP has a shuttle service that goes into town every day, several times a day. We hopped aboard and away we went! I knew the address of the cigar shop but wasn't sure how far it was away from the shuttle stop location. Turns out it was about a mile or so away, so we boarded one of Cancun's public busses and headed in the right direction. It stopped at the other major mall in the area. Approximately 100 yards away was the LCDH! The gold La Casa de Habana sign was what I wanted to see! We entered the store and was immediately struck by how plush it was! Here is the entrance to the humidor:

Inside the humidor was a treasure trove of goodies!

While enjoying an Upmann #2, David, the store owner, handed me his phone to call wacco. Yes, I'm cheap, but David's phone can call anywhere in the US or Mexico for no additional cost, and all I had to do was dial the direct number! Here I am talking to wacco:

David also owns the LCDH in Tiajuana. Here's a pic of him behind the bar:

We hung out with David for quite awhile. He was quite hospitable! Here's a group pic:

Much has been said of the pool at the LCDH, and here it is! It's several feet below the main store. This shop has only been open a few weeks and the stairs aren't complete to get down to it from the main level:

From the deck outside the shop, this is the view:

Connie decided on the Partagas Chico's. She had a couple while at the shop and I got her 2 boxes of 5's for the week. Connie lounging in the shop:

Before we left the LCDH, I picked up a box of Monty 2's!!!!

Now, back to the Moon Palace...

Here's a few pics from the hotel:

At the Golf Club lounge:

At the pool:

In the hotel lobby:

Finally, at the pool with a Siglo 6:

Also, Bildo called me during the week while we were on an excursion to an adjacent island. We met a Brazilian couple there and the woman had on a thong that was easy on the eyes! She's in the back of us, under the green umbrella! Here's a pic of us on the beach after Bill called:

The trip was filled with good cigars and good times. Here's the cigars I smoked while in Cancun:

Day 1: (short day; arrival day)

Upmann #2 (Habano)

ERDM toro sized (Habano)

CAO Soprano Torpedo

Day 2:

Gurkha Master Select

HdM Epicure (Habano)

LFD Ligero

PSP2 (Habano)

Day 3:

Tatuaje torpedo

Bolivar toro size (Habano)

PSD4 (Habano)

Day 4:

Vegas Rabaina Robusto (Habano)

RyJ Short Churchill (Habano)

Graycliff Expresso Torpedo

PSD4 (Habano)

Day 5:

RyJ Reserva Real Churchill

Cohiba Siglo 6 (Habano)

Opus X toro

RyJ Short Churchill (Habano)

And as they say... a great time was had by all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please... put a shirt on

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The Heikkinen Family: said...

Awesome! thanks for the info. flying to cancun on june 2. will be looking for LCDH!

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Cancun Carol said...

Your trip sounds like it went well, and your pictures look like fun too, thanks for sharing.

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