October 16, 2006

Report from SC Sit Down V

What a great time. We had 37 attendees. I got to meet several new people this time. As usual, we started out on Friday night with a trip to Shealy's Bar-B-Q in Batesburg, SC. This is a great place to eat some fantastic southern cooking!!!!! You'll leave very full!!!!

After Shealy's, we headed back to the house to sit by the chiminea and smoke cigars.

Here's Rebel John in the foreground, with Jim and Alan in the back:

Connie (my wife) and Phyllis (Rebel John's wife):

I had my first Diamon Crown cigar that night:
Now, on to the actual Sit Down! We had some polo shirts made for this one, and here is a pic of the logo I came up with:

The first SC Sit Down had 7 attendees total. The original 7 were at this one and we decided to have another group pic made. On the table is a pic from the first Sit Down with the same people.
And now, pics of all who attended:

Part of the Red Neck Bastids who attended, l-r, Cheeze, Lysander, Herfnerd, and JoeBob:

Amanda and Vernon, friends of Rebel John and Phyllis:

Tiny Tim, Connie, Phyllis, John

Tiny Tim, Connie, and Stogiesandhoagies; aka Charlie:

Mitch and Twig:

Ted (Smalltownsmoker) and Jay Michaels:

StuartStan Morgan:

Steve Miller of the Tobacco Merchant, friend, and Larry Jones (SkinsfanLarry):

Joe Lumpkin:

Jack (Outfield Jack), Bill (Bildo792), and bud:

Chris (hammondc), Charlie (stogiesandhoagies) and Ted (Ferdelance):

Me with Ted (Ferdelance):

Robby Yon with Casey McBrair:Richard and Dwayne:

Clyde and Mark (Cheeze):

Casey McBrair:

Carmen and Alan Holley:
AJ Pontillo with George and Mitch:

A great time was had with some great people! I already look forward to the next one. BTW, the next SC Sit Down will be April 14, 2007! (the day before tax day!) We should have lots of vendors with lots of goodies to hand out! Make plans now!!! See ya then!!!

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