December 22, 2006

Wacco stops in Columbia on his cross-country move!

Last Sunday, December 17th, wacco and Jackie made it from Massachusetts to Columbia, SC...finally! They were on their way to a new home in Tombstone, Arizona! Wacco had a house built over the past several months and now it was time for the big move. I don't envy them AT ALL! So, with everything they own in a 35 Penske truck they began driving down I-95 south to South Carolina where they picked up I-20 and headed west. Since I'm just off I-20 in Columbia, wacco decided to make this an overnight stop on their trip. They arrived at their hotel around 7pm and checked in. Shortly after that they made the short trip to the Wild Hare Sports Bar, where we hold all our cigar Sit Downs. This was the first time Connie and I had met Jackie. She's a very nice young lady who obviously has infinite patience. Afterall, she DOES put up with wacco! Below is a pic of us together at the Wild Hare. Wacco looks, well, wacco as usual!
L-R; Jackie, Wacco (Bill), Connie, and me

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