February 12, 2007

Wolfe Tone visits the Wild Hare

Wolfe Tone is a fairly new guy on the Habano Cigar Forum. He posted a thread last week stating he'd be traveling from Boston, Massachusetts to Florida at the end of the week. I posted a reply suggesting he stop off in Columbia to meet up with us. Well, he did! His real name is Jack, and his first stop on his Florida trip was in Columbia, SC to meet us at the Wild Hare Sports Bar. After driving all night (11pm +/- Thursday to 2pm Friday), he arrived in Columbia, found the Wild Hare, scoped out the area for a hotel, and then checked in to take a 2 hour nap before meeting us at 6pm. Below are a couple pics of our meeting. As you can see, he was quite nervous and frankly, scared to death! LOL

We were met by Jim and Ginger, so our usual Friday night group was complete. L-R, Jim, Tim, Jack, Connie, and Ginger

He says he takes this trip quite often, so I told him that on his next trip we'd take him to Shealy's Bar-B-Q in Batesburg-Leesville, SC. There he could get some authentic southern cooking and all he wanted from their buffet!Thanks for stopping to meet us Jack. I look foward to seeing you again.

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