April 30, 2007

CAO event at the Maduro Room!

Grady Marsh of the Maduro Room had a CAO cigar event on Friday, April 27th. David Palm was the CAO rep. He had Criollo robusto's for everyone who walked in to sample. Grady was running a buy 3 get one free promotion for the event. My favorite CAO cigars are the Brazilia and the Criollo, but the MX2's are very good also. I jumped on the Brazilia's and Criollo's since I already had quite a few MX2's at home.

Grady's shop is getting more exposure during these events. He hopes to have one a month! That would be perfectly ok with me!

You can visit his website at http://www.maduroroom.com/.

Here's Grady behind the counter! He took posing lessons from the "My Name is Earl" guy! LOL

Here Grady helps Connie pick out a few things:

I thought this was funny! It was in a cigar book that Grady has. I guess you'll have to the a Lutheran to understand it, but it's a take off of Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses to the Church door!

Some of the crowd at the CAO event:

L-R; Grady, me, Connie, David Palms of CAO, Jim

Thanks for hosting a great event Grady! I already look forward to the next one! It was nice meeting David Palm, too. I'm sure we'll see him again!

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