April 02, 2007

General Cigar events; 3/29 - 3/29/07

I guess Signe, event rep of General Cigar, has had her fill of seeing me for awhile! She was a busy lady last week, hosting 4 events in the Columbia, SC area. I made it to 3 of them! She was hosting the Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra events this time. These are some great cigars, and some of my favorites.
The first event I attended this week was held at the Tobacco Merchant in Irmo. The usual bunch of guys were in attendance. This is a great place to hang out too. They have lots of very nice leather chairs to lounge in!
I decided to attend 2 other General Cigar events because they were being held at 2 new cigar shops in the Columbia area, and I wanted to support the new shops. The next stop on General's tour was the Maduro Room in Lexington, SC. This store is owned by a young man named Grady. He has a well stocked shop which is located in a part of the area where he should do well. There are no other cigar shops in the area. Below is a pic of our little group in his shop.
L-R; Connie, Me, Signe, and Grady
The third and final Columbia area stop for Signe and General Cigar was at the Modern Age Tobacco shop on Colonial Life Boulevard in Columbia. The shop owner, Angelica, also decided to help us with the upcoming SC Sit Down/Herf. Thanks so much for your help!
And, thanks to Signe for hosting some great General Cigar events! I hope to see you again!

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