April 23, 2007

Pontillo cigar event; 4/21/07

A. J. Pontillo was back at the Tobacco Merchant on Saturday, April 21st with his wonderful cigars. Mr. Pontillo has exploded on the cigar market with some very well made and tastey cigars. His original blends in natural and maduro are great cigars. The two cigars share none of the same type tobacco! That is an amazing fact in today's cigar world. I'm normally not much of a "natural" kind of guy but his naturals are very good. They are medium bodied and burn flawlessly! The maduro's he produces are fantastic! His newest edition, the Paragon, is a full bodied powerhouse that is great! Try one of the 7.5x52's, but do it on a full stomach! They are smooth, but pack a punch! They're very good!!!

Below are a few pics from Saturday:

A. J. Pontillo

The "window" group:

Meanwhile, in the back room Mitch is "relaxing"!

After a short while, we all moved to the back room. Here's Mr. FBI, Mark Lewis discussing the various world situations with Twig-ly:

Joe and Jim (these two are a Post Office Wanted Poster waiting to happen!

George, with "what's his name" in the background. George was doing his Johnny Cash impression; man in black!

Jim managed to hang around for one cigar.He was in "motorcycle riding" mode, so he left after an hour to ride the Harley:

Twig and Mitch:Here's that guy again who seems to be in all the pictures!

A. J. and myself:

I want to thank A. J. again for his sponsorship at our recent S. C. Sit Down. He was unable to be here in person due to an illness in his family but sent some cigars to pass out. As you will remember, there was a box of his Paragon's in the raffle! The guy who won them was one lucky dude! I look foward to seeing A. J. again when he's in the Columbia area!

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