June 11, 2007

La Aurora cigar event at Tobacco Merchant; 6/9/07

I got a chance to try several of the La Aurora cigars today while watching one of their best rollers in action. Kevin Diehl, the rep for La Aurora in our area brought along Fidel Abreu, a roller for La Aurora cigars. As a matter of fact, only 10 people in the world roll the Preferidos. He is one of those 10! Pretty cool! Fidel is 40 years old and has been rolling cigars since he was 10 years old!!!!!

The Tobacco Merchant was running their usual buy 3 get one free deal, and today's free cigar was a fresh rolled one by Fidel! He was rolling cigars all day! It was interesting that they told us to either smoke the fresh rolled one NOW or put it in the humidor for at least a month. I decided to smoke one of my fresh rolled ones now and put the other 2 back for a month or so. The cigar would not taste good during the "in between time". I have no problem with letting these 2 "rest" for at least a month.
Below are some pics of him in action, as well as some others of attendees.

Some of the group:

George and Valerie:



Kevin Diehl, rep; Fidel Abreu, roller; yours truely (doing the "Earl Hicky" eyes shut pose)

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