July 30, 2007

Early birthday surprise!!!!

Sometimes your wife can really surprise you! Mine really got me this time.

We always go to the Wild Hare Sports Bar on Friday's for supper and cigars but this past Friday night Connie insisted we stay home and grill steaks with Jim and Ginger. She said that Jim and Ginger would be out of town next weekend and couldn't celebrate my birthday on that particular weekend so they wanted to do it this Friday night when they were in town. The fact that we were celebrating at home instead of the Wild Hare was a little strange since we could do the same thing there in the cool A/C and not have any cleanup! Oh well, I didn't know what was ahead!
After supper, I grabbed my next cigar and started to cut it. (I had finished a PAN 64 torpedo before supper.) Connie said, "before you light that, let's go outside to Jim's car". My mind started running! What was she up to? Inside the back of Jim's SUV was a rather large box. Interesting! After we got in in the house I was eager to open it.

As soon as I could see it, I love it!

Then, she handed me a box that she said the kids went in on. It was an Oasis Humidification system! Cool!

She told me the new humidor was to replace the two other tuppidores that sit in the hall closet! I started working on transfering the cigars early Saturday morning. The Oasis was hooked up and turned on. The humidor has a very large drawer to put singles in, too. Here's the current result.

And here's the final product, complete with Connie's finishing decorative touches.

Quite a surprising night! Oh, I did finally have that cigar I was about to cut on Friday night. After opening the box we adjurned to the outside and I had my 2nd celebratory cigar of the night; a PSD1 EL 04! Here's the gang as we sat outside Friday night...until the rains came! LOL




Yours truely with the PSD1 EL 04!

Thank-you Connie for a great birthday surprise! I love you!

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