July 23, 2007

Pontillo event; 7/20/07

A.J. Pontillo stopped by the Maduro Room on Friday, July 20th for a Pontillo cigar event. As usual, he was full of energy! A. J. is very excited about his cigars and with good reason; they're great! (Even Tony the Tiger thinks so!) He had some new "secret" cigars to show off, too! I suppose it's ok to talk about them, so here goes. The first is a torpedo version of the Paragon; a very full bodied, spicey cigar that is absolutely fantastic! The public was screaming for a torpedo version of this cigar and he delivered! The other cigar is a 6x60 version of his natural cigar. This cigar is huge! I am a fan of "fat" cigars so this should be a treat. His naturals are not your run-of-the-mill mild, wimpy cigars. They start out mild and quickly work their way into the medium spectrum. They are some of the best "natural" cigars out there. Both of these samples were just rolled so A. J. suggested I put them up for a month to six weeks. That will work perfectly because I go on my next cruise on September 8th! I'll be sure to take them along!

Some of the gang:

Outfield Jack, Alan Holley, Connie, me, A.J. and Grady (owner of The Maduro Room)

A. J. Pontillo, Connie, me

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