September 18, 2007

Western Carribean cruise; part 5

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Progreso, Mexico

Progreso is what you could call "real Mexico". It's not overly developed and some spots are actually very depressed. We saw some terrible living conditions on the ride to the resort. We also saw some very nice houses, one of which was owned by Hugh Heffner! bunnies were spotted running around his yard!

The pier at Progreso is the longest in the world. It's over 4 1/2 miles long! It has to be that long due to the almost non-existant slope of the ocean floor in this region. Even after stretching 4 1/2 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico the depth of the ocean at that point is still only around 30 feet! Almost unbelievable! Here's a pic of the pier:

If you look closely, you can see the fin of the Glory...

We walked around town for an hour or so, and when we approached the water we were met by a guitar playing gentleman who sang to Connie:

At 11:00 we boarded our bus to the Reef Club Beach Resort.
The ocean in this part of Mexico is not as clear or blue as in other parts of the country. This is on the Gulf of Mexico where the water is much more green and mirky. Connie still looks good, though!

Jim found a starfish on the bottom which was still alive. He tossed it back in the ocean after we took the pic.

The bartenders had a "doobie crab"! First time I'd seen one!

We were at the resort for 2 hours. This is a nice place worthy of consideration of a longer stay!

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