September 18, 2007

Western Carribean cruise; part 7

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Nassau, Bahamas

For Jim and I, Nassau meant another trip to the Graycliff cigar factory! I'm sure Connie and Ginger were not quite as thrilled but they marched along like real troopers. Along the way to the Graycliff hotel and cigar factory we passed the Nassau Government House:

Once we topped the hill outside the Graycliff grounds, we had to stop by the sign on the wall for a pic:

On the way through the grounds to the cigar factory we passed a nice place for a photo:

Inside the cigar factory the rollers were busy rolling cigars:

While Jim and I shopped for cigars, the girls found a comfortable place to sit in the cigar lounge, which was directly next to the cigar rolling factory:

Jim standing in the doorway leading from the cigar lounge to the rolling room:
Yours truely, coolin' out:
As we left the Graycliff site, we noticed these huge cigars out front. Of course, we had to get a pic standing by them!

Sign adjacent to the "big cigar":

It was a hot day in Nassau, so we took off to find something cold to drink. We shopped in the straw market, looking for gifts for the kids.
After shopping, Jim and Ginger decided to head over to Paradise Island and visit Atlantis. Connie and I stayed behind to visit Senor Frogs!

Unfortunately, this was our last port of call and our last night onboard the ship. Once we got back on board from Nassau, we had one last pic made of the two of us standing on the pool deck with Atlantis visible in the distance.

This was a fantastic cruise! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As this is a cigar blog it should be noted that I averaged 4 - 5 cigars per day with at least 3 of those being Cuban. I actually had a nice list showing what I had each day of the trip, but when I got home Saturday night it was gone! I have no idea where it went. Oh well, trust me...they were all good!

It was nice having Jim and Ginger along. I'm sure we'll all take another trip together in the near future. This was a very memorable 25th anniversary trip for Connie and I.

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