October 11, 2007

The "Bald" contest!

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for me. Is this where I also thank the academy, producers, my wife...etc?

Here is the background of the contest. Shortly after returning from vacation I overheard on the internet radio station that they wanted people to send in their pics for a "bald" contest. They would take your pic and make you look bald. The reason it was a "bald" contest is the DJ of the radio staion show is bald and Peter Frampton (who recently performed in Greenville, SC) is also now bald. They had Frampton sign a Squier Vintage Modified Series Telecaster SSH guitar and decided to have a contest for someone to win the guitar. Anyway, I thought it would be funny to send in my pic since they would have no work to do on me! I'm already bald! It was mainly a joke, but then I heard my name mentioned as a contestant on the second day of the contest. (BTW, the contest ran from Monday, October 1st through Friday, October 5th.) I somehow had made it through the first day without any help from any of you! After learning I was "in the contest" I requested your help. I told Connie that since I was a contestant, I didn't care if the prize was a bag of rocks, I want to win! Well, my request for your help must have worked because I somehow won! Here's the pic I sent in...

On Wednesday, October 10th, I traveled to Greenville, SC to pick up the guitar. The people there were very friendly and commented that they liked the idea that someone bald had actually entered the contest! Apparently it was close between one of the young guys and me throughout the "cut down period" until the last day of voting. Then, my requests for your votes really kicked in and I won. Thanks!

Below are pics of the radio gang and the guitar.

This is me with radio DJ and originator of the contest, Brian Blades:
I also won some of the new shavers especially made for shaving heads:

This is a bunch of the other ration staion people. Notice the other bald guy? The young girl in the front is Anitra Lively, the late night DJ who had the guitar signed by Frampton and had it in her house for the past 2 months! She REALLY did not want to let it go! I almost had to bring her back to Columbia with the guitar!

The guitar came in a nice soft-side case:

The guitar is a dark blue (navy):

Peter Frampton's signature:

Again, thanks to everyone who voted for me!

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