October 08, 2007

SC Sit Down No. 7/Oliva cigar event at Maduro Room

SC Sit Down Number 7 (October 6, 2007) was a small bunch of cigar lovers, but a hearty bunch nonetheless! The hardcore guys were here, and several drove a long way to be here! Wayne Spivey, aka Fonseca, drove down from North Carolina, along with Rebel John and Phyllis, as well as Casey McBrair. Of course, Charlie, aka Stogiesandhoagies from Rock Hill was here.

There was also the Oliva event at the Maduro Room in the afternoon. We caravaned over to it around 4pm. Nate, who used to own Paradise Cigars in Charlotte, NC is now the Oliva rep. It's been awhile since I've seen Nate but he hasn't changed a bit! Oliva is introducing their new Oliva V cigars and I had not tried one yet. Grady, owner of Maduro Room, was running some good specials for the event. Jim and I split a box of Oliva G torpedos, so we got our names in the hat for drawings a bunch of times. I guess it worked out because we won 3 times! Not bad for an afternoon's work!

Here's pics of the Sit Down and Oliva event.

First, the Sit Down bunch:
Wayne and Casey

Mitch and George

Mark Lewis

John and Phyllis

Jack and Jim (not Jack and Jill)

Doug Graul

Charlie and Jack

Connie and I

The original SC Sit Down bunch (6 of the 7)

Now, on to the Maduro Room and the Oliva event...

Guys gathered around the tv havin a smoke or 12:

World Famous "Twig"

Group pic:

Doug, Jim, me, Nate (Oliva rep), Grady, and Steve

Thanks to everyone who attended the Sit Down. Thanks to Grady and Nate for a great Oliva event. Nice day for Tiny Tim!

Make plans for South Carolina VIII which will be held on April 12th, 2008 at the Wild Hare Sports Bar. This is the big one folks, so you don't want to miss it!!!!

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