November 12, 2007

***UPDATE*** Anniversary night/Jim's birthday

We went to the Wild Hare to meet Jim and Ginger on Tuesday, November 6th. As I said before, this was our anniversary and the day before Jim's birthday. We were celebrating both on this night. Jim's cake was impressive! Ginger had it made in the shape of a cigar:

Connie suggested that he cut off the ashes and move them as the cake was cut so that it would look like the cigar was being smoked down!

Here's birthday boy Jim:

Jim and Ginger

About the time we were finishing up Jim's cake, the waitress came over with what appeared to be a box on FIRE! It was another cake, but not for Jim; for Connie and I! Ginger had gotten us our own anniversary cake! That was a nice surprise!

Thanks for the lovely cake Ginger! This was a very nice anniversary for us and birthday for Jim! Very nice night!

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