December 20, 2007

Midweek review! 12/20/07

I liked this cigar so much I had to write about it now! I got a 5 pack on awhile back and they've been resting in the humidor ever since. I decided to try one tonight and I'm glad I did. What cigar am I talking about? The Gran Habano #3 Habano. (6x54)

This is a very dense cigar. It actually has a good amount of weight to it, yet it has a great draw! I like cigars like this. It has a very smooth taste to it. Not a lot of pepper and spice at first but really kicked in at the 1/3 point and it built from there. This cigar probably has the darkest ash I've ever seen! Take a look...

I reall enjoyed this cigar. Enough to give it a 9.0 rating! Not a bad price on these either. Cigars International has them for $65 for the robusto (6x54).

Score: 9.0

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