December 31, 2007

Weekend review; December 29th and 30th, 2007

We're at the end of 2007, but before I close the book on this year I got in one more weekend review. This weekend there are only 4 cigars reviewed, but I smoked several more. I have already posted reviews on the other ones I had, like the 5 Vegas Miami.

The cigars reviewed were:

  • Alec Bradley Maxx, The Freak

  • H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Belicoso

  • Camacho 11/18

  • Camacho SLR Natural Robusto
This review will also begin my new format for rating cigars. I am going with a 100 point system instead of the 10 point system I have been using. This way I can establish slight differences between cigars more easily. The final determination of a cigar's rating is based on the usual; appearance, burn, taste, spice, pepper, etc. I hope you like the new rating system!

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Alec Bradley Maxx, The Freak (6.3x60)

This is a huge, dark, maduro cigar. Eventhough the cigar is a large ring gauge it has a very good draw. At first light up the cigar has a full bodied, coffee-like flavor. The burn was a little uneven but that's fairly typical of large ring cigars. After the first inch the cigar became sweeter but not to the point that I like maduro's to have. There was an average amount of pepper on the pallet. The spice kicked in after an inch or so and it greatly increased as the cigar progressed. Pepperness also increased. This cigar gives off a lot of smoke. As the cigar progressed the burn evened out. This was a nice, enjoyable cigar.

Score: 83

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Belicoso (6 1/8x52)

My initial reaction to lighting this cigar was: nice, flavorful Cameroon! And my opinion did not differ when I finished. This cigar has a rich caramel flavor. The cigar starts out fairly mild with a very good draw. I happen to love rich Cameroon flavor. The cigar had a perfect burn; absolutely perfect. The ash was very tight. Spice entered at the 1/3 point. At the mid-point the cigar became medium bodied, at best. Some pepper was noticed at the mid-point, also. The perfect burn continued to the very end! This was a pretty good cigar!

Score: 86

Camacho 11/18 (6x50/60/50)

This cigar has been sitting in my humidor for at least 2 years! The Camacho 11/18 has a unique shape. I believe it's named 11/18 for the birth of one of the Eiora's children or grandchildren. The cigar had a very good draw. Heavy caramel overtones were noticed initially. Spice followed close behind. The caramel flavor built to a full bodiness. The cigar had great flavor with a slight sweetness on the pallet. This cigar did not have the peppery characteristics of other Camacho's. I had one of these cigars about 2 years ago and it kicked my tail! My, how things have changed! Today, I found the cigar to be pretty much full bodied but very flavorful. The rich, caramel taste remained throughout the cigar; very consistent. I loved this cigar.

Score: 91

Camacho SLR Natural Robusto (4.50x50)

Great short cigar! It had a peppery, caramel flavor. Very full bodied. Lots of smoke. Very good draw. Not overly spicey, though. The ash was a light gray and tight but not very stiff. It easily fell (3/4"-1") when you lightly tapped the cigar. The cigar had a nearly perfect burn! This is a very good cigar.

Score: 89

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