January 28, 2008

Melissa in Charleston; 2008 version!

This is a short "review" post with a dose of CigarChic thrown in for good measure!

First, the review.

I reviewed 2 cigars on Saturday:

  • La Gloria Cubana Serie R maduro robusto

  • Padron 3000 natural

La Gloria Cubana Serie R maduro robusto (5x54)

This cigar was full of plume! It is a very dark cigar. Had a nice draw. It was Peppery with some spice. It was very peppery on the end of my tongue. I would call this cigar medium to heavy bodied. The burn was good. This is not a "sweet" maduro.

Score: 86

Padron 3000 natural (5.5x52)

Slightly square pressed. Very good draw. The cigar had caramel and leathery overtones. There were spicey notes. It produced tons of smoke. The cigar was constructed very well. I would call this a medium bodied cigar. Very consistent. Great flavor.

Score: 88

Now, on to Melissa's visit.

Melissa, aka CigarChic, came to Charleston, SC last year for some computer software training. Well, she's back because the software has changed! She also has a co-worker with her; Cori. Both women joined us at the Smoking Lamp cigar shop around 4pm on Sunday. We chatted and smoked cigars for awhile, then headed out for a walk around downtown Charleston. Charlie Ruffalo, aka Stogiesandhoagies, was also in town and he also joined us. We had quite a nice group of cigar smokers. Here's a pic of our group: (L-R Ginger, Jim, Charlie, Melissa, Cori, Connie, me)

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