January 16, 2008

Midweek review! 1/16/08

This is a rare midweek review but I felt it must be posted after I had this cigar. It was, in a word, FANTASTIC! The cigar: Camacho corojo maduro robusto (4.5x50)

The cigar starts out with a fantastic corojo flavor. The sweetness of maduro comes through after the first half inch. The combination of corojo and maduro produces a great peppery, spicey smoke! The cigar is incredibly smooth, too! It had a great draw; effortless. The flavors were very consistent. I have not had this cigar in quite a long time and was very glad I chose it last night! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It produced a ton of smoke. I really want this cigar in a longer size! If you're a fan of corojo and maduro separately, you need to try this cigar which combines both! Great smoke!

Score: 91

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic review Tim. This is by far one of my all time favorite Camacho smokes.