February 11, 2008

Weekend reviews; February 9th and 10th

Nice weather in central South Carolina this weekend, but a little breezy! This was a good review weekend. I had some very good cigars. They are...

  • Gran Habano Corojo #5 Churchill

  • Lianos Dos Palmas Connecticut Broadleaf Double Corona

  • Fundacion Ancestral Pinar del Rio 1941 Torpedo

  • Serie 601 Black label toro

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

After helping out a friend this morning I came home for a quick nap and then lit up a
Gran Habano Corojo #5 churchill (7x50)

This is a beautiful reddish color cigar. Very good construction with a good draw. It had a very nice, spicey, almost sweet caramel-like flavor complemented by hints of pepper. This is my first experience with this cigar but I like it very much! The aftertaste is very pleasing. Medium bodied. Cigar stayed consistent. The only negative I have with this cigar is the ash fell off twice after only getting about 3/4" long. Otherwise, this is a very good cigar. I really enjoyed it!

Score: 92

Lianos Dos Palmas Connecticut Broadleaf Double Corona

(7 5/8"x49)

I picked up this cigar on my recent trip to Charleston to meet Melissa (Cigar Chic). The cigar was a beautiful, dark color. It had very good construction. These cigars are made in Charleston at their shop. Visit their website at http://havacigar.com/ . The wrapper was vein free. The cigar had a spicey, leathery flavor with hints of caramel. It was smooth with hints of pepper. Very even burning. I enjoyed this cigar very much. The flavor stayed consistent. Very tasty! I strongly suggest you stop in their shop if you're ever in Charleston, SC.

Score: 91

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fundacion Ancestral Pinar del Rio 1941 torpedo

I received this cigar in a trade with Tommy boy Martin of Social Cigar's website. The cigar was very nice looking. Had a lot of spice initially. Notes of leather and coffee were present. The spice continued and stayed at a high point! This was the cigars strength. Full bodied. Hints of roasted nuts noted at mid-point. Enjoyable cigar.

Score: 89

Serie 601 Black Label toro

I love the 601 series of cigars. They are made by Don Pepin, whom I have grown to love! I think I love all his cigars!!!! This cigar started off peppery with caramel notes. Toasted almond's were noted, also. The spice of this cigar is great! The cigar developed an almost "sweetness" to it as it progressed. I'm a huge fan of the red label 601's and now I can add this version to my "Must have" list! Great cigar. I'm looking for more!

Score: 92

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