May 19, 2008

Weekend review; May 17th and 18th, 2008

Sunny weekend in South Carolina! I did the "usual"; yard work, but had plenty of good cigars, too! The lineup for this weekend's reviews is:

  • Rocky Patel Old World Reserve Maduro Toro
  • Pepin Cuban Classic Belicoso
  • Graycliff Expresso Robusto
  • Pinar Suprema Toro
  • Rocky Patel Edge Natural Toro
  • Fonseca Cuban Limitada Robusto

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Rocky Patel Old World Reserve Maduro Toro (6.5x52)

Square pressed. Leather notes with cinnamon flavors. Nice amount of spice. Effortless draw. Even burn. Spice increases as cigar burns but till has cinnamon overtones. Nice combination. Tons of smoke. Very consistent. I loved this cigar.

Score: 94

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Belicoso (5x54)

Somewhat leathery with spice undertones. Some pepper. Nice overall combination. Pepin makes some fantastic cigars. Leather undertones stay consistent. Overall very good cigar.

Score: 92

Graycliff Expresso Robusto (5x54)

Peppery initially. Spice noted. Ligero noted. Deep, dark flavors. Hints of caramel. Very good draw. Spice really builds as cigar moves to 1/2 way point. Finish is long. Somewhat sweet on the pallet. Rather full bodied for a Graycliff.
Score: 92

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Pinar Suprema Toro (6x50)

A combination of spice, leather, pepper, and caramel are noted. Somewhat bitter at times. Full bodied. Finish is rather long. Tonds of smoke. The slight bitterness keeps this cigars' rating down.
Score: 86

Rocky Patel Edge Toro (6x50)

Wonderful caramel and spice that is always consistent. This cigar was no exception; very consistent. Somewhat floral. Even burn. Good draw. A very good cigar with a healthy dose of caramel and spice.
Score: 91

Fonseca Cubana Limitada Robusto (5x52)

Perfect draw. Leather notes with spice. Light caramel notes. After 3/4" the spice really kicks in. The caramel taste really intensifies, too. Quite spicy from midpoint on. Medium to full bodied.

Score: 91

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