June 23, 2008

Pontillo 1776 Event/Weekend review for 6/28 & 29, 2008

First off, it was very nice seeing A. J. again. He was in town promoting his newest cigar, the 1776. It's made of 100% US grown tobacco. Here's what they look like:

I actually haven't tried one yet. I bought 3 to sample and I always let them sit in the humidor for a little while. I'll have one soon and give a report.

He told me some very interesting news. He's in the process of making a cameroon cigar! I'm VERY interested in trying these! These should hit the market later this year.

He is also reblending his original cigars. He has moved his factories from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic.

It's always good to see A. J.

(l-r) Connie, Me, A. J., Jim

Weekend reviews:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don Lino Africa Kiboko (6.5x58)

Lots of spice. Cinnamon overtones. Effortless draw for a large ring cigar. The finish is rather short. Smoke this cigar slow for the best burn. Cinnamon notes fade but spice remains. Very consistent cigar.

Score: 89

Padilla Hybrid Churchill (7x50)

The "original" Padilla and anymore, the forgotten Padilla cigar. Great construction. Quite affordable these days on cigarbid. Expect to pay around $2 to $2.75 each on cigarbid.com. I still enjoy these very much. Initially nothing overpowering but there are nice spice notes and hints of caramel. Caramel notes increase at the 3/4" point. Around midpoint the caramel overtones increase nicely again! Very nice, medium bodied cigar.

Score: 89

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pontillo Paragon churchill (7.5x52)

Black band = Paragon
Nice looking, heavy cigar. Feels good in the hand. Quite a bold cigar, too. Spicey, peppery, and a heavy ligero presence. Caramel undertones along with some almond hints. Great draw; one thing Pontillo cigars are known for. This is a full bodied powerhouse! Be careful with this one, you might hurt yourself!

Score: 91

601 Black Torpedo (6.5x52)

Connecticut shade wrapper but that doesn't mean mild in this case! Initial draws are peppery. Almond overtones with plenty of spice. This cigar has potential to sneak up on you if you're not careful. It starts off medium bodied and transforms into a full bodied cigar. Produces a lot of smoke. Effortless draw. After an inch the spice and pepper are at full strength! The almond undertones continue throughout.

Score: 91

Fonseca Vintage Torpedo (6.5x52)

Spice comes through nicely initially. Very small hints of caramel. Some bitterness noted. Quite mild. Might be a good morning cigar. Consistent, just too mild for me. Cigar was at it's bes from midpoint until the end. Spice was decent. Bottom line, this is a mild cigar.

Score: 84

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