July 14, 2008

Weekend review; July 13th, 2008

It was such a nice weekend, and I had so many cigars while in the yard. All of them have been previously reviewed so I won't re-review them. However, on Sunday I had 2 that have not been reviewed. One is brand new to me and one is a long time favorite.

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Graycliff 1666 Robusto (5"x50)

A very dark cigar. It's obvious that it's a maduro. Very leathery with lots of spice initially. Strong black coffee notes, also. Sweetness of maduro noted. Hints of black pepper. A very "busy cigar"! The finish is long and "dark", kinda like dark sweet chocolate. A very even burn. At midpoint the spice is still strong. Stayed fairly consisten to the end. The spice remained strong but the leather notes decreased somewhat. The finish is fantastic on this cigar. A huge plus!

Score: 91

Cigars Internation Legend Series; Pepin version (5.7"x54)

Triple capped, just like the other Pepin cigars. Initially there are toasted almond overtones with plenty of spice. Pepper tones noted. Unmistakable Pepin-esque flavor. Compared to another Pepin cigar, this one is a notch or so below the 601 red in strength, but not too far! This is a very tasty cigar that I have almost daily. Very affordable for a Pepin too. Cigars International sells them for $70 a box but I usually bid and win them on Cigarbid.com for around $55. This is another cigar with a long finish with a very good aftertaste!

Score: 93

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