August 11, 2008

Ashton event/Weekend Review (August 8-10)

Ashton cigars visited the Maduro Room Friday night (August 8th) for an event. Evan Carpenter was the sales rep. Evan is from Washington, DC and travels the Carolina's and Virginia area. After purchasing the $10 ticket to attend the event (which you got back with any purchase) Evan gave everyone an Ashton Classic to sample. He had a neat tasting set up consisting of strawberries, blackberries, and vodka. After lighting your cigar and letting it burn for about a 1/4 inch you eat either a strawberry or blackberry. I chose the blackberry. Then take a draw of your cigar. You taste primarily the binder! It masks the wrapper! Then, take a shot of vodka. Follow this up with another draw of the cigar. The pepper of the wrapper really comes through! Pretty amazing. Try it!

I asked Mitch if he'd split a box of San Cristobal torpedo's with me, and he did. Grady had a really good deal on them at the event; 20% off all boxes!

Here's some pics of the attendees:

Leary (on the right) with his buds. Leary is owner of The Great Frame Up (frame shop) next to Outback just off Harbison Blvd.

This is a Twig impersonator. (on the left) Twig was not really there! Twig does not officially attend cigar events! The guy REALLY looks like Twig! LOL

Mitch really needs to learn how to relax!

(L-R) Evan Carpenter-Ashton Rep, Connie, Me, Grady (Maduro Room owner)

Weekend Reviews, August 9th and 10th, 2008

Cigars Reviewed:

  • CAO Black Bengal

  • Blue Label churchill

  • Padilla Achilles toro

  • Perdomo ESV Phantom maduro

  • 5 Vegas Miami torpedo

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

After an enjoyable morning of yardwork, I settled down for some good cigars. First up...

CAO Black Bengal (6x50)

This is a cedar wrapped cigar. Almond notes with a ton of spice initially. Decent pepper notes. The spice in this cigar is amazing. The finish is pretty long. I am really impressed with this cigar. It has been in my humidor for quite awhile. At halfway point the spice and pepper notes are still strong and the almond notes are still quite notable. This cigar is medium bodied that moves very close to, if not all the way to, full. Very impressive cigar. I'll definitely get more of these.

Score: 94

Blue Label churchill (7x50)

This cigar is made by the Gran Habano company. I have enjoyed the corojo and Habana series by them and had high hopes for this cigar. A very nice looking cigar; well made. Nice spice. Long finish. Light almond notes. Faint pepper notes. Similar flavor to the Gran Habano Corojo. Good, flavorful cigar. May improve with some humidor time. I received these only about 10 days ago.

Score: 88

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Padilla Achilles toro (6x50)

Pepin made the originals of these and I'm not sure if he made this cigar or not. It had lots of spice, caramel overtones, and some pepper. Long finish and quite pleasing. Pretty good cigar. I'll revisit it in a month or so. These have only been in the humidor for a week or so. I think this cigar will greatly improve with a little humidor time.

Score: 90

Perdomo ESV Phantom maduro (4x52)

Very dark cigar that tastes as dark as it looks! Nice spice and leather flavors. Lots of pepper noted. Quite a bit of pepper in this cigar; very nice! Hints of maduro sweetness, too. This is an awsome cigar! Great!!!! Love the spice and pepper combo and the maduro flavor just tops it off!

Score: 95

5 Vegas Miami Torpedo (6x52)

I believe this cigar is only sold by Cigars International and I have really enjoyed the "A" series by 5 Vegas, also. This cigar is made by one of my favorite blenders, Don Pepin Garcia! So, you KNOW I want to try it! This is a very spicy cigar with a nice almond flavor. Peppery. Long finish. Very balanced cigar. Equal amounts of spice, almond and pepper. Really nice cigar. You can taste the Pepin blending. I really can't find much wrong with it! I enjoyed it very much and am now looking for more!

Score: 94

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