August 13, 2008

Mid-week Review EXTRA

La Aurora Robusto (5x50)

I don't often take the time to write a mid-week review so when I do you can be assured I am impressed with a cigar. Now, I know I've been smoking cigars for 10 years now and you'd think I've tried about all the cigars out there. While I've tried alot, by no means have I tried them all. To hammer home that point, I reached in one of my 7 humidors last night and pulled out a La Aurora robusto. I had just finished a Don Pepin Garcia Magnate a short time before and had about an hour and a half before I was turning in. The La Aurora just seemed to call to me. Now, La Aurora is not a new cigar, by any means. It's just fairly new to me. You see, as a rule I don't care much for Dominican cigars anymore because they tend to be so mild. I decided to give the ol' Dominicans another try.

There were spots of plume adorning the little robusto. Visually inspecting the cigar further I could tell it was very well made. After a quick cut I gave it a pre-light test draw. It was effortless! The cigar was not spongy either; well packed with a great draw! After I lit the cigar it had a slightly sweet, light caramel flavor with a nice amount of spice. This is the classic Cameroon flavor that I absolutely love! The finish was long and quite pleasing. There were white pepper notes. The Cameroon flavor intensifies after an inch or so. As a fan of good Cameroon cigars, I am always looking for more. This is truely a great cigar and one that will be in my Cameroon collection from now on. It is very smooth and creamy. No bitterness. No harshness. At the halfway point the pepper notes on the back of your throat are great! This cigar is exactly what I look for in a Cameroon cigar. The burn was very good and even.

I highly recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a really good Cameroon cigar. You won't be disappointed!

The cigar is medium bodied at best, but strength does not define this cigar. The amazing combination of caramel, spice, and white pepper do! The pepper intensified toward the end. This is a very solid cigar. By the way, I drank a Diet Coke with this cigar and the two went very well together!

I'm glad I picked this cigar to smoke tonight! Loved it!

Score: 94

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