August 18, 2008

Weekend review; August 16th and 17th

3 cigars reviewed this weekend. They are:
  • Romeo Y Julietta Reserve Maduro Toro

  • Nub Habano Torpedo

  • La Aurora Double Corona

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Romeo Y Julietta Maduro Toro (6x50)

Extremely dark cigar. The cigar was a little "rough looking". Pre-light draw was slightly firm. Initial draws after lighting are heavy with leather with spice undertones. Notes of licorice and black coffee observed. Hints of maduro sweetness noted after an inch or so. This cigar reminds me of a cup of black coffee with a little sugar in it. Maduro sweetness intensifies at halfway point. Coffee overtones continue. Not enough maduro sweetness for me. Good cigar but not one of my favorite maduros.

Score: 87

Nub Habano Torpedo (4x64)

This was my first Nub cigar. I have heard that the Habano was the best, so let's see how good it was!

Quite spicey cigar with hints of black pepper. Leather undertones. Very slow burning. This short cigar will last well over one hour. The finish is fairly long. Overall a very good cigar that I'll buy more of. I really believe this cigar is part of a fad. It's very good but not fantastic. The Oliva V is much better in my opinion.

Score: 91

La Aurora Double Corona (7.5x50)

After the fantastic robusto I had last Wednesday night I was excited to see if the double corona lived up to that fantastic Cameroon flavor in a much longer version.

The construction of the cigar was very good. Upon lighting the cigar I did not find the amazing Cameroon flavor that I found in the robusto. It was like a very watered down version! After 2 inches the Cameroon flavor intensified but not nearly to the point of the robusto. The finish was fairly long, however. Very light bodied. A very mild cigar. The cigar burned very evenly. This is a nice cigar if you like mild cigars but that's not my style. I'll give the robusto another try to see if it has that amazing Cameroon flavor, or if it was just a fluke! I will not, however, be looking for more double corona's!

Score: 81

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Anonymous said...

When the Oliva V first came out, I really enjoyed the spice that it had to offer. Then the issue of not being able to find them at the local cigar shop came into play. Now, months later, the cigar shop has boxes upon boxes of Oliva V. Only one problem, these V's taste nothing like they did the first time I smoked them. I believe that Oliva is rushing these cigars out to meet the demands and not allowing them to properly age. I don't find the same spice in the current V's that I find.

Sidenote: Tim, you suck!!