September 16, 2008

Caribbean cruise 2008, part 1

Cruising during hurricane season has it's good points and obvious bad ones. First, the rate is always lower, so you get a good deal. But, you have hurricanes to deal with! This year we really were nervous about our cruise. Hannah and Ike were churning in the Atlantic and we weren't sure if our cruise would happen. Early in the week prior to our cruise we contemplated leaving on Thursday to avoid Hannah, but as the week wore on we felt confident we could leave on Friday and miss most of it. It worked out fine. We saw a little rain on the ride down to Florida but nothing very hard. Luckily Hannah did not do much damage to South Carolina's coast and it didn't bother our trip at all.

We got up early Saturday morning and made our way to Port Canaveral. We always get on the ship as soon as possible. This year we were onboard and eating lunch by 2 pm. This was a little later than I wanted, but not too bad.

Connie at pool

Inside "On the Green" sports bar

Our first stop (after a day at sea on Sunday) was Cozumel, Mexico. We arrived at 10am on Monday and luckily got the perfect docking location! Punta Langosta is the downtown pier and all we had to do was walk off the ship, down the dock, and into town!
After a couple hours downtown we took a taxi to Paradise Beach. There we met Tom who manages the business. Tom is a member of the Cruise Critic board and I really wanted to meet him. I had heard very good things about Paradise Beach and it didn't let us down. Very nice place and very reasonable prices.
(l-r) Tom, Connie, me
Some of the feathered friends on Paradise Beach

We took the taxi back to the ship around 5pm. We sailed at 6pm.

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