September 16, 2008

Caribbean cruise 2008, part 3

Day 5 found us in Belize! This is not your usual port of call because they don't have a port at all! Instead we had to drop anchor about 2 miles from shore and be tendered into town. This process moved quite quickly as there were many tender boats coming out to meet us. They want you in town where you can spend money!
Some of the tender boats:

Downtown boardwalk

Vendors for various excursions were everywhere along the boardwalk. Since we had nothing planned I stopped one of them and asked if there was a beach excursion available. He pointed me to the proper place. I went over, discussed the excursion, and paid the man. Shortly thereafter we left with about 30 other people to head over to a private island. The trip was pretty long; about 30 minutes! We were a long way from Belize and our ship! Here is a pic looking from the island toward the Glory and Legend. The Legend was also anchored in Belize due to itinerary changes from hurricane Ike.

After leaving the island and heading back toward town our twin engine boat lost an engine! We were traveling on one engine for quite awhile when the captain announced that to save time he was taking us directly back to the ship instead of going back to town where we would then get a tender back to the ship. This saved a lot of time but we missed our chance to shop after the excursion. Here we are about to board Glory from the excursion boat:

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