September 02, 2008

Labor Day weekend review (August 29-September 1)

Nice, long weekend! Gotta love 'em!

We're starting to do a little packing for our upcoming cruise next weekend. Now, we need Hannah and Ike to stay away from us! We're hoping they do! We're due to drive down Friday afternoon

This weekend I reviewed some really good cigars and one that I'll never buy again.

They are:
  • Los Statos De Luxe Delirios

  • San Cristobal Monumento

  • CAO Gold Corona Gorda

  • Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

Los Statos De Luxe Delirios (4.8x40)

This cigar was given to me at this year's SC Sit Down in April. It's a machine made Cuban cigar that is hand finished. It's very spicy. Quite a soft cigar due to being machine made with short filler. Nice, long finish. Nice aroma, too. Light caramel and vanilla notes. Pepper noted on the back of the throat. A quick cigar; about 45 minutes.

Score: 91

San Cristobal Monumento (7.2x49)

An absolutely beautiful cigar. Made for Ashton by Don Pepin Garcia. Triple capped, like all DPG cigars. As soon as you light it and take your first draws you get an explosion of spice, pepper, and vanilla flavors. Leather notes appear after 1/2 inch. The flavors meld into an almost sweet molasses flavor. Fantastic tasting cigar.

Score: 95

CAO Gold Corona Gorda (6.5x50)

Nice spice with hints of leather, but they are very faint. The cigar never changed throughout the time I smoked it. It had some spice, but that's about it. I hoped it would develope more but it never did. Very one dimensional; boring. Maybe a beginner would like this cigar but I'll never buy one again. This cigar is way too mild.

Score: 77

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (7.6x49)

Another beautiful cigar. Upon cutting, the draw is firm initially but not bad for such a long cigar. Leather notes with abundant spice. Perfect burn (see pic below). Long finish with caramel tones. Very consistent. The draw became much easier at about the halfway point. Hints of pepper appear about this time too. The overall flavor is even better now. I really love these cigars. Very nice.

Score: 96

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