October 06, 2008

Connie surprises me again, plus...weekend review for October 4th and 5th, 2008

Well, as you may remember, Connie surprised me for my 49th birthday with a very nice end table humidor. Then, she did it again at Christmas with a floor humidor. Now, she's done it again!

We had a little money left from our vacation so we divided it up. She is always wanting to do things to the house. This time she focused her efforts on the dining room where my bigger humidors are housed. I had no idea what she was up to until I came home one night and noticed several "things" on the dining room table. I took a look and it was wallpaper! But not just any wallpaper; cigar wallpaper! She said it was suppose to be a surprise but now I knew! The pattern is old cigar logos with a lot of them Cuban. She spent the day Saturday and Sunday (a week ago) doing the prep work and hanging the wallpaper. I helped with a little trimming around corners, etc., but 98% was done by her! I think it turned out very nice. Below are some pics.

I think I'll keep her another week! ; )

Now, I'm reviewing only 2 cigars this weekend although there were a lot more smoked!

First, the Vega Talanga Blanco Toro (6x52)

This cigar has a shaggy foot with a pigtail cap. Here's a close up of the foot:

Nice spice and pepper initially. Classic corojo flavor. This cigar is full of corojo. The Corojo Blanco has a beautiful, shade-grown Talanga Cubano wrappers, and with a blend of Honduran Corojo, Honduran Havana ’92, and Nicaraguan long-fillers, all bound by a thick Honduran Corojo leaf. (as described by cigarbid.com) Actually, I'm shocked this cigar is as good as it is. I practically got them for free on cigarbid. I paid $3 for the 5 pack! Just past the halfway point and the cigar still has a very nice corojo flavor and the pepper is still there too. The finish is fairly long. A shockingly good cigar.

Score: 92


Cohiba Esplendido - possible fake (7x47)

I had serious doubts about this cigar being legitimate from the very beginning, but since it's a cigar and it's made for smoking, I'll smoke it! If it sucks, I'll toss it! Someone gave it to Jim a long time ago and he gave me one.

I looked in very bright light for the triple cap. I came to no definite decision. It appears it may have a triple cap but it was very hard to definitely tell.

The construction was decent but the cigar band did not quite look right.

Ok, let's just smoke it and see what it tastes like. It had nice spice immediately. There were some caramel notes. The finish is long. The spice stayed consistent throughout. Not a bad cigar at all but I really doubt it was a real Cuban cigar. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Score: 91


Wineman said...

Glad you enjoyed the Glory ! It's Steve, cigar smoker from Cruise Critic. have you ever tried a Cuban Crafters from Miami ?

Brad said...

Tim -

Nice wallpaper. That's a good woman you've got there. I just married one myself. We are lucky men!

B Casanova