October 27, 2008

Review of the SC Sit Down no. 9, and the Weekend Review!

The SC Sit Down no. 9 is in the books! It was the usual small fall crowd but a very good bunch! We had a couple first-timers, too. There were a total of 25 people who attended. Carson Ross, the Camacho rep, attended and helped out with some cigars for everyone. Camacho had sent me a box of cigars earlier in the week, so everyone got 3 good cigars!
We decided on next spring's event date. In an attempt to avoid most other early spring activities, we decided on Saturday, April 18th, 2009. This will miss both Easter Sunday and The Master's week altogether.

Below is the top level of my traveldore as I arrived:

With the cigars that the Camacho gang had, I only smoked the Opus X Double Corona from my personal stash!

Here's pics from the day:
Matthew Elrod (l), first timer with Phyllis and John

Dale (l) with Carson Ross, Camacho rep (r)

Robert with Susan Foster, Phyllis's sister.
Susan's first event!

Overall group pic:

Now, on to the weekend reviews.

Belive it or not, I still had a cigar or two after the event. Here's the cigars I'm reviewing this weekend:
  • Partagas Serie D No. 4 (Cuban)
  • Trinidad Maduro Churchill
  • Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Sublime
  • Padilla Series '68 robusto

Saturday, October 25th, 2007 (after the Sit Down)

Partagas Serie D No. 4 (Cuban) (4.88x50) Box code Oct., '07
A beautiful cigar. I picked this up from the LCDH in Roatan, Honduras; box code Oct. '07. A very spicy cigar with citrus undertones. Light white pepper noted. The finish is fairly long. Inter-mixed in the spice are light caramel notes. A perfect burning cigar. One of my favorite Cuban cigars. Love 'em!

Score: 95

Trinidad Maduro Churchill (7x58)

A huge cigar! It's heavy; dense; very well packed. This cigar has been in my humidor for over a year and a half. It is almost jet black! Eventhough it's so thick and heavy it drew well. As soon as you light this cigar you get a blast of spice with a ton of pepper! The maduro gives it a nice sweetness, too. Long finish. Very full bodied. Powerful cigar. The last quarter got a little harsh.

Score: 89

Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Sublime (6x54)

Nice, dense feeling cigar. Good looking construction. A ton of spice with citrus notes and some light pepper. Not quite the power of other DPG cigars. The finish is long. Spice is the primary "thing" with this cigar. Not as much citrus flavor as a DPG Blue or a 601 Red. More of a medium bodied cigar.

Score: 89

Padilla Series '68 Robusto (5x50)

Very spicy with pepper and leather undertones. Finish is fairly long. Nice spice and pepper combination. Very enjoyable. Medium bodied. Light citrus tones. Nice cigar.

Score: 89

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Daniel said...

Love what you're doing with your quick hit reviews.

Completely jealous of the fact that you're smoking in what looks like a bar. Damn anti-smoking law in Illinois.